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Word of the Year for 2018

"Many people are still friends with their first college roommate. Why? Because of the powerful experience you both had the year you met. For many people, college provides their first occasion of living on their own & being responsible for their life, all while being immersed in an exciting setting with scores of others undergoing the same thing. It's natural to bond with others under these circumstances." (source: www.entrepreneur.com)

My first/only college roommate was Danae. I was a scared girl from Maui & she was a confident girl from Bakersfield, California. I sent her a baby bundle (block, bunting, burp cloth) a couple of years ago when she had her first daughter. Let me tell you, WE HAD FUN in 2001. Good, clean fun. We used to make horrible quality music videos on my video camera that would probably make our alma mater's prestigious film program cringe with shame. We currently exchange playful banter on social media every now & then, but are due for some quality face-to-face time. & I'm sure we'll pick right up where we left off- laughing.

I'm a 34 year old wife, mother & business owner. Why am I talking about college? No, I'm not longing to relive my twenties. (My husband can breathe a sigh of relief). But I think the same holds true in business: that first year provides a powerful experience & an excitement.

January 2018 marks 6 years in business for Ivy & Co.! Our first year consisted of a TON of blogging. That's right. We were a blog! (You can find those early posts here.) & after a few months, people were asking about the things I was creating, (which were really just items our family used everyday), & people actually wanted to buy them. Blogging was fun & I'd love to do more of it this year. But the bigger reminder about that exciting first year of business is this: what do I enjoy?

Thus, Ivy & Co.'s word for 2018 is ENJOY, or LUANA in Hawaiian. 

luana hawaiian word of the day inspiration for 2018
What will we enjoy? Family. Maybe some blogging. The freedom that comes with having great people working for Ivy & Co. I will continue to make products I enjoy making, & maybe do away with ones I don't. I will enjoy competition (this is a hard one!) I will enjoy my business that is contributing to our family's well-being. Lastly, in the first few hours of 2018, we decided that I would enjoy not making the bed this year. Ok, maybe I will make it sometimes, but in general, it's going to be Kit's job. Just like how my job is putting a fresh trash bag in the trash can.

Ivy thoroughly ENJOYED the fireworks last night.
to enjoy be at leisure

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with aloha,
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