You've got your Ivy & Co. reversible Head Band or Boho Wrap... now what?
Let's start with the head band:
how to wear a bandana head band
Pick one side to showcase, or twist it and show both.
Tie the knot at the nape of the neck, top of the head, on the side or in back.
The Boho Wrap is more of a statement piece.
More fabric = more style = more possibilities.
Here's the way it was originally intended to be worn:
From there, customers started experimenting, and the outcomes were perfection:
how to style a bohemian head wrap
Extra Boho Wrap Tips:
  • Wherever you place the center of the wrap, that's where the knot will end up.
  • Try twisting the center of the wrap before putting it on your head.
  • Wrap it around just once, and let the ends hang long.
  • Skip the head-- wear it as a belt!

If you're new to any sort of head wrap, we suggest you start out by wearing it somewhere super casual... the grocery store, your work out class, when you grab a quick coffee. This way you'll get super comfortable wearing it before debuting it at work or on date night.

We'd love to see how you wear your Ivy & Co. head wraps!

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