The signature style and original Hawaii made creations of Ivy & Co. products reflect inspiration found right at home in Hawaii.  Born and raised on Maui, Ivy & Co. founder and designer Rebecca Owen mixes her style of retro Hawaiiana with hip accents, likely influenced by her stints living in trendy Orange County, California, and overseas in Europe.

Rebecca says her life depends on creativity.  “From the moment I clock in at my ‘real job’ as a professional dance instructor & choreographer, the creative juices have to flow,” she says.  “If not, the dance studio dissolves into a drab classroom and the stage darkens into an empty, lifeless platform. And despite the daily need to harness creativity to pay the bills, when I get a day off from the day-to-day grind I cannot fathom abandoning my creativity.  I still love to create -- but for real life and people rather than for performers on a stage.”

It’s Rebecca’s need to continually create that led to the inception of Ivy & Co.  “At the heart of it all, I believe that creativity and the arts are essential to society and individuals, especially among children,” she says.  

From 2015-2020, Ivy & Co. had a brick & mortar in an old Warehouse in Lawai, Kaua’i, (Warehouse 3540), that had been repurposed as a space for small, locally owned businesses to get their start. When Kaua'i shops were forced to close due to COVID-19 in March 2020, Ivy & Co. went exclusively online. Currently Rebecca & a few other Kaua’i seamstresses sew all the handmade items. A clothing line evolved other the years with simplistic text logos that exemplify personality types & family roles in Hawai'i.

Kaua'i is also home to a screen printing business whom Ivy & Co. sources for their printed apparel. Sometimes styles, sizes &/or colors end up selling out. To ease this supply & demand issue, Ivy & Co. found a company in the mainland U.S. who is willing to print shirts, one-at-a-time, for online orders, in the case that an item is sold out. They use the same or similar make of shirts found in the shop on Kaua’i, so the quality is insured. These print on demand items are labeled "made to order." Click here for more info on shipping & returns.

Rebecca can foresee creating Ivy & Co. products and innovations for years to come.  “In addition to creating new products, I love history, which is why I thrive on bringing new life to old things. Whether it be a 50-year-old muumuu, a vintage train case, or an old piece of furniture, I find each piece  has its story. When we’re old and gray, that’s what we’ll have: our stories to pass on to the next generation. I like to create and preserve that history just a little bit longer.”
Ivy (right) & her family.