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Ivy's 2020 Halloween Costume!

We present to you, Ivy's Super Simple DIY Giraffe Halloween Costume!
giraffe costume girl leaning to side with pigtails and slippers metal wall
Ivy grew quite a few inches during Lockdown this year. Her dad is 6'1" tall, so height is on her side. He affectionately called her a "Baby Giraffe" as her limbs grew faster than the rest of her - he knew the feeling all too well. (I'm barely 5'3" -- can't really relate to growth spurts!)
girl's selfie of a giraffe costume head blue eyes
While shopping for her 11th Birthday earlier this month, I came across this Giraffe Onesie at Walmart & had to get it for her! As soon as she opened it she said, "I'm going to be a Baby Giraffe for Halloween!" We looked up "giraffe makeup" on Pinterest, & the rest is history.
Blonde Girl with giraffe makeup and hoodie and pigtails
With 2 kiddos, "Live Simply" has become an essential motto. I used to spend hours & days & weeks creating Ivy's Halloween costumes, which was awesome, but it's a new season & we always want to keep our stress levels in check.
live simply on a campaign pin on a colorful rug
With Tons of Aloha,
Becca (Ivy's mom)

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