Head Band - Ke'a

Ivy & Co.

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The Ke'a (Cross) Headband fits children, teens & adults.

Approximately 31"-33" long (room to tie around your head once) and 2.25" at its widest point.

Headbands wrap around your head once. Tie at the nape of the neck, top of the head, or off-center for a retro pin-up look. Click here to see how to wear your head band: http://goo.gl/PbcLXJ
Machine washable. Iron.
Casual. Chic. Bohemian. Practical. Give it or get it!

28" long & shorter, 2" wide & under - General baby/infant size
30" long & shorter, 2.5" wide & under - General child's size
30" long & longer, 2" wide & greater - General teen & adult size
52" long & longer - BOHO wrap (wraps around the waist, OR twice around the ahead)
Some teens/adults fit the child size head bands, and some children need to order the teen/adult size headbands. When in doubt, measure your head! The Ke'a Headband fits all sizes, with extra length at the ends for kids.

Buy 3 for $30! Discount taken at checkout.

Each Ivy & Co head band is hand sewn and one-of-a-kind. Many of the fabrics used are vintage remnants, the last of their kind, and may contain imperfections from the longevity of their existence.

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