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Coaster / Mini Wash Cloth - Kepakemapa

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The Kepakemapa (September) cloth was our September 2019 Coaster of the month available exclusively to our Coaster club first! Now that September is over, it’s available to the public.

Want early access? Join the Club! You can get a new set of cloths like these, delivered to you each month for as low as $8, FREE SHIPPING. Details:  https://goo.gl/tWHjU8

These little cloths have multiple uses. Perfect for all ages- babies, toddlers, kids, teens, & adults!

Originally developed to eliminate big wet wash cloths from hanging around the tub after 1 use. These mini wash cloths are just the right size to wash your face and throw into the hamper without getting all the other clothing wet. Many customers also use these as coasters. Keep one in your purse to wipe up any little mess you come across. Toss a few in the bath for your kiddo. Lay next to the sink as a catchall for toiletries.

cotton fabric with a terry cloth backing

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