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5 years!
by Rebecca on January 23rd, 2017

Wow, 5 years! If Facebook hadn't reminded me of that first post I published 5 years ago today, I don't know if I would have remembered!

On Monday, January 23, 2012, I started a blog called "Jed & Ivy." Ivy is my daughter and Jed is my best friend's son. That first day I wrote 4 blog posts! Talk about hitting the ground and running! I revealed a "before" image of an awesome Pottery Barn kids' table that we refurbished (and still have), and showed off a "bag of shapes" I made for 2 year old Ivy. I continued to blog about my at-home creations and how we casually educated Ivy during her early years.

Eventually the Jed & Ivy "empire" amicably split into "C is for Cupcake" and "Ivy & Co." (Check out Jed's mom's awesome cupcake business on instagram! We frequently sell at the same events and always request to be placed next to each other, haha.) People began asking me where they could buy my headbands & bunting, and would try to commission me to work on furniture for them. As we shifted to, Ivy & Co. officially came to be.

What I've learned...

, Turning 5 is like starting Kindergarten. (It's also the year you should start making money in a business. insert wide eyed emoji here) There are certain things you need to know to start Kindergarten (if you actually need ideas for this, read this post on ABC's and this post on Numbers.) Here's what 5 years of business has taught me:
  • Opening a brick and mortar isn't always what you think... I sell out of a 10'x10' plywood unit in an old Warehouse on Kauai. So do 7 of my friends. Our hours are limited, and we have 3 awesome food trucks out front. It's unique and about as boho-chic as you get. No shopping malls for us. We are the epitome of "shop small/support local businesses."
  • Work within your gifts... I won't tailor your clothes or try to duplicate a pattern, cause if I tried, we'd both be bummed. I create and figure things out- my way. That's my gift. Sure, there is good reason to learn new skills, (like the time I learned how to sew in a zipper!) but in the thick of running a business, working a second job, and being a wife and mom, you have to be picky about how you use your time. Speaking of which...
  • There's a time for everything... I used to refurbish and sell a lot of furniture. It was a skill I chose to invest in. Then we moved to a place where it rains a lot, the paint won't dry as quick, and my General Contractor/dad isn't next door anymore to help me fix minor imperfections and lift heavy things at a moment's notice. About a month ago I finally admitted to myself, "I'm just going to paint furniture for my own home. Stuff I love. If it makes it into the shop, great, but my focus has shifted into sewing and needing the occasional display piece of furniture. Things change.
  • Delegate... The best thing I ever did was hire an experienced seamstress to help me out. After all, my extensive arts background is in dance, not sewing! Even though I possess the sewing gene, I am not afraid to admit I NEED HELP. Sure, I went through 3 seamstresses before I found the right one, but with my one magical seamstress, it keeps a solid flow of product coming into our shop, and out to the shops we wholesale to. It also allows me to go to bed at a normal time, and keeps the product quality high because two sets of eyes are inspecting each item. I also hire someone to work in the shop at least one day a week, because let's face it, I can't be everywhere at once. Delegating takes a lot of the pressure off me, but it also requires a different kind of work. You have to stay on top of "your people" and develop systems that everyone can easily follow. If they drop the ball, you have to pick up the pieces, and not be devastated about it. I've always been good at delegating. My degree in college was "Organizational Leadership." So awesome. Give everyone a job they love, a job they'll excel at, and everyone keeps working at it until you all get it right. It's fun to have a team, whether it be 2 people or 20.
  • If I don't use it in my own home, I probably won't make it... If I'm going to make and sell it, I have to be passionate about it. For example, everyone asks me to make bibs. Ivy wore a bib for like a month. She was never a very messy eater, so we just had no use for a bib. Thus, I don't have any desire to make bibs, (no matter how cute the fabric!) On the flip side, we have a ton of Ivy & Co. mini wash cloths/cloth coasters floating around our home: on the bathroom sink, on every nightstand, the dining table, in the shower, in my purse, in my car even! I had the idea for that product, and we use them on the daily, therefore I continue to make them.
Ok, enough about us, let's talk about you. In the spirit of celebrating our 5 year birthday, we're giving you $5 off your order. Expires Friday, January 27, 2017. In store, simply mention this blog post to receive your discount. Online, enter the code "5YEARS" at checkout.
Mahalo for being a part of the Ivy & Co. journey!

We are open Tuesday through Friday, 10am-2pm and every 2nd Saturday of the month for a fun evening event.

3540 Koloa Road. Lawai

We look forward to what 'Kindergarten' has in store for us.

Aloha, Rebecca

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