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Album Giveaway! Little Hums Traditional Lullabies
by Rebecca on July 4th, 2016

Over the past year, I've gotten to know the sweetest family. There's the dad, Jon, who's the owner/barista at Dark Roost Coffee. (Both Ivy & Co. & Dark Roost operate out of Warehouse 3540). There's mom, Stasia (pronounced 'Stah-shah'), who has the best smile and brings her hubby breakfast every morning at the Warehouse. There's 'big' sis, Abel, who, at age 2, thinks my shop is her own little clubhouse, and there's little brother, Willing, who was born last summer and has a smile like his mama's.

Stasia and Jon have had a career in music with their original songs featured in shows such as CBS’s Moonlight, The Ghost Whisperer, The CW’s Plain Jane, the movies Bad Teacher and Dark Horse, commercials for Lego and the Glamour iPad app.  They’ve been featured on Kauai’s local radio station KKCR and have also provided music for Kauai Underground Artists (KUGA), theme music for "Bring Me Hope," a non-profit children’s organization in Bejing, China, and many other projects to date.

Now that she's a mom, Stasia created "Little Hums": a refreshing take on old time lullabies. Soothing to sleepy baby ears, and a relaxing relief for weary mamas. Enough with the cheesy kid songs, here's lullabies even dad will take a nap to. Be sure to listen to the acapella "Row, Row, Row", and the lyrical upside to "Rock-a-Bye Baby."

Photo by Blenda Montoro Photography.
After one of our morning pow-wows in my shop, Stasia and I decided to do this giveaway of a digital copy of her album! Of course, you can purchase a copy right now, on Amazon or on iTunes, or you can try your hand at winning!

It's super simple to enter, just CLICK HEREContest ends Saturday, July 9.

Here's a list of the songs featured on the album:
Good luck! And thank you Stasia, for blessing us with your beautiful vocals and overall artistry.

Follow Little Hums on Facebook, or visit Jon & Stasia's website, Songbird Sounds for more info and to preview their other albums.

Aloha, Rebecca

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