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Reality Show Monday
by Rebecca on April 11th, 2016

Ivy & Co is a living breathing effort. And though our staff is small, there are important day to day operations. Like this one- Watching The Office.

I find that as I sew, my mind wanders, and not always to a happy-go-lucky place. I start fretting about the future, about relationships, my parenting skills... what the heck?! Get my brain out of the gutter! So today I started playing season one of The Office on Netflix. I plan on watching all 9 seasons while sewing. Partly for the distraction, by mainly for the laughs. Fun Fact: did you know that in the first 3 episodes they mention Hillary Rodham Clinton AND Donald Trump?! Love it. So before their time.

Moving on. I sewed a zipper completely inside out. True story. Thank God for a seam ripper, but it sucks when you need one!

Tell me you've seen the youtube video that went viral with this quote "Ain't nobody got time for that"? OMG, you haven't?! HIL-AR-I-OUS. Click here to watch!
Prior to giving birth, I had great dreams for my daughter's wardrobe. She would look like a mini Gap model. Tailored jeans, vests, smart tank tops, a scarf or hat. Model scouts were going to come flocking. Well, on this Reality Show Monday, I will come clean and tell you that I rarely make the namesake of this company wear what I want her to wear. I never thought I'd be the type of mom to let my kid out of the house committing every fashion faux pas, but now I see it as her bold and bright freedom of expression.
Ivy never ceases to amaze me when she debuts her daily outfit. It usually always includes some loud leggings. Here we see:

Turquoise Star Tank - Target
Overalls - Gap Outlet
Chunky Knit Cardigan - Gap Outlet
Heart Leggings - Old Navy
Mermaid Slippers - Havaianas
To the right you see a rare glimpse of an outfit we somehow collaborated on:

Me: "Do you want to wear this dress?" (Gap, collar, button down, green floral)
Ivy: "Sure."
Me: "How about your new cardigan?" (Target, black knit)
Ivy: "Yeah. But I need leggings."
Me: "How about these?" (solid black from Walmart!)

She chose black-ish Roxy slippers. and a yellow headband from Etsy. Good job, Ivy!

It's a winner! Too bad she came home with orange paint all over the back of her dress. Oh well. It was amazing while it lasted. Here's a glimpse of a few more epic #ivystyle outfits:
To conclude this reality show, I'll get a little deeper than fashion and TV Shows. I've been debating a lot about which direction to go with Ivy & Co. Here's how it's worked up until this point: I set goals. I meet those goals. My dilemma now is that my goals are getting loftier and I'm not confident that I can meet them, or... don't judge me... that I want to meet them! If you know me, you know I'm EXTREMELY Type A. So these loftier goals scare me a little! Do I want to be a maniac working 24/7 in order to reach them? Are they in alignment with the overall vision for Ivy & Co.?

As I look at my messy house, my meager attempts at cooking meals, and my wavering personal hygiene (oh wheeeerrre is my hairbrush?!... name the song), I find myself wanting to pull back the reigns just a little bit, and LIVE SIMPLY. What can I realistically accomplish in a day? How many days a week should one actually work? How do I leave my work, well, at work? You know, if I were to assess any other Type A person's occupational choices, I would have some great advice for them! I really need to have an outer body experience so that I can take a look at myself from the outside! Or maybe I should stop overanalyzing and just keep watching The Office.
I'm loving these pins. (And the company actually sent me 2x what I ordered and paid for!) They're $5 and available in shop and online now. Choose one and make it your mantra.
Thanks for listening to my ramblings. Until next Monday...
(owner, Ivy & Co.)

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