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A Number A Day - pre Pre-School prep
by Rebecca on February 19th, 2016

Note: This post was originally written on 11/9/12, when Ivy was 3 years old.
She's now 6 years old and thriving in Kindergarten!
A little background: When Ivy was 3 years old, she was just itching to learn new things! Pre-School wasn't an option for us, so I did what I could to foster her love of knowledge!
So here's a step by step guide to what we did each day, for 10 days, in order to learn A Number A Day:
Step 1- WRITE 

I write out the number on a small white board a few times, with Ivy watching me. Then I have her try and write the number herself. If need be, I make a dotted line version of the number for her to trace, or I help her write the number. 
Step 2- BOOKS

We use a few books that have to do with numbers. We only read up to the page of the number we're on. I don't want to confuse Ivy with all the other numbers at once, but I do want to review the numbers we've already done. I just found books about numbers we already had.

"Count With Me," from a mini Sesame Street collection 
"My Very First Book of Numbers," by Eric Carle
"Ten Little Ladybugs," by Melanie Gerth
Step 3- CLOCK

Next I use a clock (an awesome hand-me-down from my cousin!) and I ask Ivy to find today's number on the clock. I also look around to see if we can find today's number on other household items: calendar, other books, phones, microwave, etc.

Here's the fun part! We get out the play-dough and use the stencil/cookie cutter things (what is the word for those?!) to make today's number in the play-dough. At this point I let her use all the numbers (0-9) to play around with, so they become familiar to her. 

*Be patient! Numbers are new to your child-- kids are not going to learn them all at once or in one day. On one particular day, Ivy insisted that the number 4 was an 'H.' She also gets I, L, and #1 confused. She'll get it as long as I gently correct her and help her remember. She also may get stuck on not being able to remember a number, but it will eventually click a few days later.

*Talk about the numbers throughout the whole day. Ivy points them out on signs, in the grocery store, on TV, license plates. Learning doesn't stop when your "number lesson" is done.

*Try to do it every day, and at the same time every day. I'll be honest, this doesn't happen for us, but when it does, it's better for all of us. Believe me, Ivy asks for it every single day, even later in the day on the days we've already done it! She asks so much that I get a little frustrated! However, if she knows she can expect it at the same time every day, you have some ground to stand on. 

*Fill in other caregivers. Ivy is watched by me, my husband and both of my parents. I let them all know what she's learning so they can be aware of it and help her out it the opportunity presents itself. 

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