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by Rebecca on January 24th, 2016

hot new songs made in hawaii with aloha
I've got 5 new songs for you to enjoy.
Make a new playlist, rock out to it in your car. Do what you do.

1. Home, by Ingrid Michaelson - (I stole this from my co-worker, Jenna G.)
2. Lost Boy, by Ruth B - (This is for all you Peter Pan fans-- Neverland love)
3. Life of the Party, by Dawin - (I'll make your speakers bang)
4. Sweetest Devotion, by Adele - (Best track on her new album)
5. Come and See, Tal & Acacia - (Inspirational goodness)

You’re welcome. I have more where these came from!

Here's a shot from today's promo shoot. Kids' headband- $12, or 3 for $30.
kids headband made in hawaii with aloha
Aloha, Rebecca

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