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Beauty from a Beast
by Rebecca on March 19th, 2015

Before and after of an Ivy & Co. remodeled dresser
Remember this piece?
<------------------- Read all about it here. It sold to a nice couple expecting a new baby. I recently got a call from the buyer asking if I could paint another piece for her. Awesome!

The "before" photo below is what she texted me. What a beast! Complete with their "beast's" trough and cage. (I dunno if their pet is a beast. I'm sure it's very cute & cuddly.)
Before and after of an Ivy & Co. remodeled dresser
She told me it was for her young daughter, and that I could do whatever I wanted. I had all these ideas for a grey & pink combo with distressing... but then I found out I misunderstood her... She wanted it solid white or off-white- my choice. Haha. So glad I clarified with her!
Beginning of the dresser remodel
So out came all 9 drawers, as well as about 15 roaches. The huge 2-3 inch cockroaches. I grabbed the Raid and killed them all. Then Ivy and I watched in horror/gratitude as the geckos swarmed the dresser and carried them off in their mouths. You better believe I sanitized/febreezed/aired out this dresser for days!
So, what does it take to re-do a dresser?
Here's a quick run down of my process:
Ivy & Co.
1. Make sure it's solid wood. Pressboard sucks to work with.

2. Give it a quick sanding.

3. Correct the imperfections. This piece had groupings of deep gouges on every surface (cat claws? a toddler with a ball point pen? Who knows.) I filled them all in with wood filler, then resanded it.
Ivy & Co.

4. Paint a coat of primer on the piece, or use a paint with primer already in it. I chose the latter (in semi-gloss) for this piece, and it took about 3-4 coats.

5. Use furniture wax. I gave it 2-3 coats of clear Minwax furniture wax.

6. Put the hardware back on. It was missing it's original knobs, so it was easier just to find 15 new knobs. I got these basic ones at Home Depot.
Closeup of the remodel dresser
Pin these quick tips below:
Ivy & Co.
Painting the beast and turning it into a beauty
Normally I "stage" my photos, but as the title reflects, this piece was a BEAST turned Beauty. It took two strong men to load this dresser, and I think I heard a few curse words in the process. I couldn't even lift it up to give the feet a proper paint job. This thing was so heavy! There was no way me or Kit could move this thing just to "stage" it. So here it is, in our "workshop." Real life folks.
The final refinished dresser from Ivy & Co.
A true Beauty from a Beast. I hope that lucky little girl enjoys it! What I would give for 9 drawers all to myself!

Aloha, Rebecca

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