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Posted on February 13th, 2015

Dress your mom week
I'm sure you've seen it. Fashion blogger Summer Smith Bellessa let her 3 year old son dress her for a week. It resulted in mismatched leopard print shoes, socks and dresses, and 2 different boots. Read all about her story by clicking here.

Well, I wanted in on the action. After all, Ivy has her own crazy hashtag (#ivystyle), plus, I have an upper hand - Ivy is 5 years old, and, well, a girl. It couldn't be that bad, could it? Oh, and just so I get my way, I added one caveat: I get to dress my daughter for the week.

So. How'd it go? See for yourself:
Dress your mom day 1
Day 1 resulted in a Wet Seal ikat mini skirt and an American Eagle see-through the middle of winter on Kauai. I told Ivy the shirt was see-through and I'd be freezing, so she gave me a machinemachine tank top to wear underneath. I asked if I could get some kind of jacket, so she gave me an Old Navy button down blouse. And don't forget the Roxy boots. She also asked if she could pick out a new purse and wallet for me from my box of bags. So I got to use my kim chi mini brief case and wallet from Urban Outfitters. Ivy had a doctors appointment that day and both the nurse and doctor said I looked really nice (no prompting, no knowledge of the #dressyourmom project).

I dressed Ivy in an adorable heart/ladybug dress my friend made for her, perfect way to start off the valentines week, with her Old Navy snow coat and striped leg warmers with matching locals, and a red hair clip.
Dress your mom day 2
Day 2 - Yes. This Happened. How? Well, I had to work that day, teaching ballet and contemporary classes. So I gave Ivy my bin of dance clothes. She chose a leotard and black tights that I actually wear a lot, along with hot pink lace underwear shorts, which I don't wear, almost ever. I told her I was teaching ballet, so maybe a ballet skirt would be good? She chose this knitted one, a pink Gap cardigan, and said slippers would be fine. I also had to wear 4 H&M hair barrettes. It was supposed to be 6, but Ivy said we could save the other 2 for another time. (Hallelujah). As I type this, I am wondering why pink lace underwear shorts were not in my underwear drawer?

I put Ivy in a Gap shirt she's worn maybe once (after saying she HAD TO have it at the time), yellow beads, an Old Navy hand-me-down skirt she's never worn, a headband from Etsy that my friend gave to her for her 1st Christmas, and H&M sunnies from my brother. Styling!
Dress your mom day 3
On Day 3 I must have said the word "Valentines" because apparently the theme of my outfit was sparkly red. Sparkly red Toms, grey Gap jeans, a silky, flowy, red butterfly print camisole from Mahina, and a faux cashmere cardigan I got at H&M in Austria 11 years ago. 

Ivy was in her adorable Gap skinny jeans, a top I made for her when she was 2 years old (and she still fits in it), a black Gap cardigan, and a headband with a big blue rose on it. She would have worn her brand new black Toms, but she grew out of them. Anyone want brand new size 10 kids Toms? 
Dress your mom day 4
So, day 4 didn't happen. It's hard to get dressed for the day when you don't have to be at work till 2:30 or 3:00 in the afternoon! I'm not going to get in the crazy uncomfortable clothes Ivy picks out for me, just to sit in them at home. By the time 2:00pm rolls around, we're rushing out the door, and honestly, Ivy was over picking out my clothes! So the above picture is actually from Day 5.

Ivy had a Valentines party to go to, which clearly transferred over to my outfit (again). She chose this Gap polka dot bodysuit, (yes, there were snaps in the crotch), Gap jeans I wear all the time (hallelujah), and grey sparkly Toms. Again, I told her I'd be cold, so she picked out a flannel which I also wear all the time.

I picked out a Valentines outfit for her. I'm sure she got it last year around this time, but never wears it: a red Gap long sleeve, and white Gap skinny jeans with hearts on them. Adorable! The week wouldn't be complete without an Ivy & Co. headband!

Here's my observations:
  • I wore a lot of pink and red.
  • Ivy was most interested in choosing my shoes, hair accessories and purse/wallet.
  • We could survive off of the Gap, Old Navy, H&M and Toms.
  • Ivy was over the whole experiment by Wednesday. Honestly, I wasn't expecting that. I liked dressing her! I know, I'm a control freak.
  • I think things would have been different if we did this in summer. We aren't used to dressing for winter (a.k.a. long pants and shirts). For example, Ivy started the week wanting me in daisy dukes and a see-through camisole!
I encourage you to try this with your child, neice, nephew, or grandchild, even if just for a day! If you do, let me know, and use the hashtag #dressyourmom. Big thanks to Summer Smith Bellessa for inspiring this experiment! Such fun.

Aloha, Rebecca

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